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SoftGeneral and Blockchain-Based Product Tracking System

1+ year

Project lifetime

About project

The customer needed a technical solution that would protect the brand of law-abiding manufacturers and sellers and combat imports on the gray market. The system must guarantee data visibility, stability, and transparency for all participants in the supply chain. To build such a system, the client was looking for an experienced Blockchain development company.

Key milestones achieved


Created a process for unique marking code generation using cryptographic protection to ensure the system's security and reliability.


To protect the system from the grey market, we developed a semi-decentralized solution for issuing and tracking encrypted blockchain-based datamatrix codes.


Implemented the following AWS services: CloudFront, CloudWatch, EC2 Container Service, Elastic Compute Cloud, Elasticsearch Service, Key Management Service, Relational Database Service, Route 53, and Simple Storage Service.


To run different Blockchain nodes and certain parts of it were used VPC, auto-scaling, and different instance types.


Problem the client faced

The client's onsite team lacked blockchain expertise and was looking for experienced specialists capable of making a solid proof of concept for building a blockchain-based solution. The main challenge was to develop a product tracking system from scratch, including web, mobile, and blockchain end-to-end development.



SoftGeneral staffed a dedicated team of Blockchain, Cloud, and DevOps specialists. Our team helped a client to build a full-cycle blockchain-based track and trace system that covered the entire production and distribution life cycle. The system has a clean API to integrate with any third-party modules.

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