Soft General


Our growing team of professionals works to help you turn your business ideas into reality. Learn about the key personalities who lead and inspire them driving success across SoftGeneral.

Anna Nazarenko

As a CEO, Anna Nazarenko is dedicated to building more than just a team but a community of creative people who work in a supportive and tolerant environment and deliver outstanding results to SoftGeneral’s clients.

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Ernest Nikitiuk

Ernest Nikitiuk joined SoftGeneral in 2020 as a Chief Business Development Officer. Before that, he held various roles in the tech sector. Ernest has years of experience in software engineering, which gives him a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs.

Nick Grinchuk

Nick Grinchuk is one of the SoftGeneral founders. As a Chief Operating Officer, he ensures the efficiency of the company’s day-to-day operations and contributes to the company with his problem-solving mindset.

About softgeneral

SoftGeneral is a fast-growing company that delivers tech staff augmentation services and provides companies with full-fledged engineering teams. 

Our mission is to empower businesses with software engineering solutions and help them create new impactful products as well as improve existing ones. 

Clients value SoftGeneral for productive communication, flexibility, and efficiency in achieving their business goals.