Soft General

Case Studies

SoftGeneral and Authenticx, improved UI and data visualization

SoftGeneral improved the existing UI and added new functionality for Authenticx by scaling the front-end team.


SoftGeneral and ad tech startup: bi-weekly delivery of new features

SoftGeneral managed the continuous delivery of new features for a B2B ad tech startup by scaling the tech team.


SoftGeneral and metaverse with NFT marketplace and Web3 social media

SoftGeneral team helped the client to build a metaverse platform augmented with NFT marketplace, Crypto wallets, and Web3 social media.


SoftGeneral and Blockchain-Based Product Tracking System

SoftGeneral team helped the client to build a full-cycle blockchain-based track and trace system that covered the entire production and distribution life cycle.


SoftGeneral and AI-based quote analytics for technology corporation

SoftGeneral team helped a technology company to build an AI-based quote analytics system to improve the workflow of sales teams of any size.


SoftGeneral and AR/VR creation platform

SoftGeneral’s dedicated team built a part of the core product functionality for the AR/VR creation platform.


SoftGeneral and self-custodial Web3 wallet

Blockchain development engineers from SoftGeneral helped the client with ongoing product development of their Ethereum-based wallet application.


SoftGeneral and IoT system for health and sports with AI-driven engine

SoftGeneral connected portable and interactive devices to the cloud, added AI-driven engine for IoT system for health and sports.

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