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How we Guarantee the Top Quality

83% of our Node.js engineers are of senior level

On average, our Node.js developers have 5 years of expertise

Net promoter score of our engineers exceeds 85%


Junior Node.js Developers

Our junior engineers have 1+ years of expertise. They are capable of doing most Node.js tasks but slower than middle and senior engineers can do. Based on SoftGeneral approach to the career path, junior developers are always mentored by more experienced engineers, which helps them to gain new expertise faster.

Middle Node.js Developer

With 3+ years of expertise, middle Node.js developers can efficiently contribute to any team. The only difference of our middle and senior developers is a poor management expertise of formers.

Senior Node.js Developer

This type of developers are chosen by companies looking for hand-picked experts capable to solve any type of tech issues. Moreover, the managerial experience of most of our senior Node.js developers allows for their extremely smooth integration into a new team.

Our Cooperation Process

Indicate Client’s Needs

Since SoftGeneral is interested in success of its clients, our CEO has a business call with every business looking for outstaffing services and a dedicated development team. During such meetings, SoftGeneral detects customer’s business needs and recommends the most appropriate collaboration format. Usually, this allows for cost cutting and meeting deadlines.

Staff Dedicated Engineers

Once the engineering needs are detected and the contract is signed, SoftGeneral pre-screens and suggests a variety of top-notch developers meeting the customer’s requirements. For us, it is extremely important to let new team members join the client’s team seamlessly, which means that we demonstrate a few candidates for one position to find the best cultural and professional fit. Moreover, for each position, SoftGeneral provides a few interviews between the client and candidates.

Support the Client

Along with the entire development process, SoftGeneral supports and consults the client with regular business meetings. This allows to optimize costs, detect any issues on their preliminary stage, and suggest the possible solution even before the real challenge popped up. SoftGeneral’s priority is to help their clients plan the development process in such a way to meet the project milestone requirements on time and on budget.

Case Studies


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CEO at SoftGeneral


I help tech companies align business goals by scaling their engineering units with experienced and well-knit teams of Node.js, React.js developers, and Blockchain.
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How to get the best Node.js developers?

If you work with companies like SoftGeneral that hand-pick the best talents on the market, you can find the most appropriate candidates for your style of work and your corporate culture.