Soft General

SoftGeneral and IoT system for health and sports with AI-driven engine

11 months

Project lifetime

About project

The client reached SoftGeneral to hire a dedicated team to develop an MVP for an IoT application to solve the problem of not forgetting to purchase and consume nutrition supplements while having an intense lifestyle.

Key milestones achieved


Added an AI-driven engine that leverages the consumption of supplements.


Enabled interconnectivity of the devices - smart bottle, a smartwatch, and trackable capsules, with the cloud through mobile app and Bluetooth.


Added ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-computer interaction.


Simplified and digitized product consumption with a cloud-connected bottle, app, and white-label trackable pods system.


Problem the client faced

To connect a smart bottle, a smartwatch, and trackable capsules, client required skilled engineers with experience in both AI and mobile technologies; The scope of work included connecting portable and interactive devices to the cloud, adding AI-driven engine that processes the data received and communicates back the needed outcome to the owners of the devices.

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