Soft General

SoftGeneral and ad tech startup: bi-weekly delivery of new features

600 +

Active users

3 engineers

Outstaffing team

2+ years

Project lifetime

About the project

The client is a European ad tech startup requiring a tech team to scale and strengthen its internal IT development department. Being an intermediary between advertisement buyers and sellers, the company already serves about 600 active business users. To improve the quality of services and add new features, the client was looking for reliable long-term outstaffing support.

Key milestones achieved


Bi-weekly, every engineer from the outstaffing team delivers at least five story points, allowing fast product improvement and predictable, measurable results.


The team has settled up multiple integrations with external services (e.g., Google services).


The improvement of already existing automated tests made it possible to enhance the functionality operation and reduce development time.


The company employed relative databases to organize the efficient collection, storage, and analysis of users’ cookie data.


Problem the client faced

To organize the predictable delivery of new features, the client demanded scaling of its team. The requirement for new engineers was to extend the internal tech team smoothly, subject to all the processes already tuned in the company. For instance, a team should work with the Scrum methodology, with engineers responsible for the bi-weekly delivery of five story points each.



SoftGeneral has staffed a team of three engineers, two full-stack, and one technical product manager. The team helps with two kinds of queries: user requests from ongoing feedback collection and bug fixing. The used technologies cover HSURA, the compatibility with arm64 architecture, the back-end microservice architecture, and advanced Cypress and Jest testing to check up on the result.

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