Soft General

SoftGeneral and AI & ML sales prediction startup: improved data insights

1 engineer

Outstaffing team

6 months

Project lifetime

About project

The client is a Dutch sales tech startup requiring tech specialists to scale and strengthen its internal IT development department. The company already helps several enterprise-level B2B companies optimize their sales results, providing them with more than 100K data points for account insights. To add new features and improve existing system work client required a quick team scaling with quality outstaffing support.

Key milestones achieved


Added new CRM integrations, such as PipeDrive and Hubspot, allowing the client to serve more customers and improve the platform's compatibility.


Enhanced application architecture with Node.js to simplify work with API calls and speed up the server response time.


Optimized performance of the platform by changing the structure and reducing bundle size.


Problem the client faced

To add more functionality to the product, the client required tech experts who would be able to improve predictable data for sales reps. The scopes of work included adding new modules and datasets to combine customers' internal and external data on both micro and macro level more productively.



The team helped expand platform functionality by adding several new modules and integrations to make it compatible with CRMs and third-party data providers. Architectural and server components changes let improve the platform’s performance. Used technologies include Python, Node.js, React.js, AWS, and Kubernetes.

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