Soft General

SoftGeneral and Authenticx, improved UI and data visualization

1 engineer

Outstaffing team

7 months

Project lifetime

About the project

Authenticx is an intelligent US platform that helps healthcare organizations analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. The company aids healthcare institutions to improve customer loyalty by listening, analyzing, and activating customers' voices to identify dynamics and disruptions affecting the customers' journey. To improve the existing system and add new functionality client required skilled front-end engineers who would fit the company’s culture.

Key milestones achieved


Improved the record evaluation process by fixing issues that caused page crashes and lags.


Refactored an audio player by adding responsive transcription.


Improved the visualization and correctness of reporting by connecting statistical data from various sources.


Optimized the error notification system by adding notices for each of the numerous data types.


Problem the client faced

To add more functionality to the product and fix several drawbacks, the client required professionals experienced in React.js who would be able to implement an interactive front-end according to the aspects of usability, performance, and long-term maintainability. The scope of work included adding new audio player features, modernizing the current UI, and applying new designs.



To help the in-house team stay focused on back-end tasks, the SoftGeneral team significantly improved the front-end part of the product by fixing UI issues and applying new designs. The team also optimized the platform to make it more usable for customers. This supposes adding new functionality to the audio player, feedback, and reporting process. Used technologies include React.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Material UI.

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