Soft General

SoftGeneral and metaverse with NFT marketplace and Web3 social media

1+ year

Project lifetime

About project

The client was looking for a dedicated team to build a metaverse product combining functionalities of social media and the NFT marketplace. They required skilled Blockchain, Web3, and Unity experts to create a Web3-as-a-service metaverse platform integrated with a broad range of third parties.

Key milestones achieved


Implemented the ability to create, fund, and use Zero Hash and Web3Auth wallets inside the metaverse platform.


Built the whole metaverse world from scratch using Unity.


Developed a powerful platform to facilitate the functionality of all crypto payment systems.


Integrated Shopify, Pinata, Cloudlink, and Webinopoly into the metaverse.


Problem the client faced

The client team lacked engineers experienced in Metaverse, Unity, Blockchain, and Web3 development. The main tasks for the SoftGeneral team were integrating third-party services, connecting the metaverse to Zero Hash and Web3Auth crypto wallets, and developing an innovative next-gen social network from scratch. The client required expertise in Unity, React, TypeScript, Webpack, SCSS, Mantine UI, PHP, Laravel, and MySQL technologies.



SoftGeneral staffed a team of front-end and back-end developers, Web3 and Unity engineers, one QA engineer, one DevOps engineer, and 2D/3D artists. The whole project was finished in a year and a half. We helped the client to build a Web3-as-a-service metaverse platform that combines blockchain and multiple third-party services.

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