Soft General

Anna Nazarenko

CEO SoftGeneral

Anna Nazarenko founded SoftGeneral in 2020. Since then, she has served as the company’s CEO, dedicating her time to growing the team of top professionals who help businesses build impactful tech products.

Anna is also an executive and lifestyle coach, helping leaders and their teams maximize their purpose and potential for outstanding performance. Years of coaching experience have benefited her when managing teams in different companies, including SoftGeneral.

As a business leader, Anna promotes communication and dialogue as core components for building the company’s culture. She believes that a supportive and tolerant environment helps SoftGeneral’s developers maintain high performance and, as a result, deliver more value to the company’s clients.

Anna spent about three years working on a USAID project. The project aimed to improve tech companies’ economic resilience in eastern Ukraine regions. Her part in the project included research for USAID, building trade capacities, implementing trade agreements, removing trade barriers, as well as increasing employment opportunities through improved market systems.

Anna deeply understands the tech market due to her vast professional experience. From 2016 to 2020, she held various leadership roles in IT companies. She served as a Chief Business Development Officer at Qwerty.Software, a software development company, developing mobile apps and software for B2C and B2B markets. Later she became a COO and CBDO at Profit Group Consulting, a management consulting company serving predominantly tech companies from Ukraine. Her role encompassed business process optimization in market positioning, sales, and operational and team management.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Philology. She also received a coaching certificate from International Coaching University.

She spends her free time painting, gardening, and hiking.

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