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Jul 16, 2021
Self-leadership: what it is and how you can apply it to your life

We continue our series of posts devoted to motivation and leadership to support our team members in their self-development. If you’re

We continue our series of posts devoted to motivation and leadership to support our team members in their self-development. If you’re also inspired by self-education ideas and looking for ways of multi-faceted enhancement, SoftGeneral is the right place for you. Let’s learn why.

** This article is written by Anna Nazarenko, CEO at SoftGeneral, with an aim to show you how the company can help you in self-leadership and how Anna does already practice these techniques.

Do you want to have ‘supremacy’ in your activity (using the terminology of the Olympics)? Would you like to have this habit of starting things and seeing them to completion in time? Well, you can practice self-leadership. 

What is it? 

Self-leadership is a behavior pattern that turns you into the No.1 person. Ok, now, what can you do? Here are the questions to ask yourself that can help you out.

1. In which area exactly do you want to be the best? Being determined and focused is crucial. Do not try to embrace everything at once. A great result comes out of systematic work and development. 

To illustrate from my own life: now, I’m having my own company. The focus might be only one. From September, I’m planning coaching sessions and am about to reconsider my schedule as I’m taking new clients.

2. What obstacles might crop up and how can I deal with them?

It’s crucial to learn about the area to avoid difficulties. Think about the following: what internal and external responsibilities you might be facing? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What stops you or vice versa – helps you get to your goal? The truth is that your virtues are equal to your opportunities. Use them!

As for me, at present, I’m following the span of day/week/month and tackle tasks step by step.

3. What kind of professional and personal skills do I need to master?

You need to define what skills are necessary. What is it? Time management, the ability to say “no” or stand up for personal or professional boundaries? This will save your time and efforts, and in the meantime, your professional performance will increase. 

My list is just like some writer’s volume under the title “ What exactly is Ann willing to master in life?’ So, I’ve already jotted down such things as networking, personal brand, and marketing. 

4. How do you measure your results?

I’m asking myself: what have I done in a day? I do my morning planning and define my focus for the day. In the evening, I do some reflection and ask again ‘How did it help me move forward?’. The best decision is to write down concrete tasks and deadlines and compare the results afterward. It’s preferable to do it by using numbers. This helps you have a clear vision of the situation. 

What if I cannot get clear answers?

We’re constantly attacked by information on how to live, love, work, and so on. The influx gets us confused. Many things become relative and it’s super complicated to define what skill to get or how to measure performance. This is where life-coaching might be a game-changer. 

A 90-minute session can make a difference in life. A coach does not just ask the right questions, they do help figure out priorities, true values, further focus, and  success criteria. What’s working for others does not necessarily work for you and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to factor in your personality and work out a customized roadmap. 

A coach-session is a two-way dialogue where a mentor and mentee collaborate for the sole purpose – to help you become a No.1 person. It means you’ll increase productivity, make things clear about the waste of time, money, and efforts, find inner resources and work out exact steps to achieve a goal. 

The thing is you have clear answers inside you but they are hidden behind fear, wrong mindset, and conventions. My task as a coach is to bring you to the right, tangible answers, help find the personal resource, and support you throughout the whole process. 

Besides, my professional background in business, HR, and recruiting can come in handy. What makes the sessions unique is that we might organize brainstorming until we find the needed solution. Thus, this hour and a half will drastically change your life and save you from years of erratic self-discovering. 

Ready to give it a try? Pitch us, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Anna Nazarenko