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Have you ever feel drained, powerless, and apathetic? The chances are that you’re experiencing burnout syndrome as the result of an unhealthy life-work balance.

Interview with a SoftGeneral software engineer: How to reach goals and not to burn out Burnout amongst tech employees is a typical case. The UK software company Haystack survey shows that more than 80% of tech workers experience burnout, and the pandemic is not the primary reason.  Here’s the thing: most software developers say that […]
Sometimes we all get stuck. Frustration, lack of understanding and confusion, unsuccessful experiences plague our ability to see things differently. We simply cannot figure out what to do. Consulting with friends doesn’t help. Why? Because they get into it emotionally. And we need something different. This is where life coaching comes in handy.  Here, at […]
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” once said John Lenon. And that is so true: sometimes, life can hit harder than anything, bringing unexpected challenges on us.  In moments like these, we may find ourselves on a crossroad: we undergo certain transitional changes. So how do we make sure […]
Know your Why” is probably the most popular quote we’ve ever heard about motivation. And for some, it does really work. Others, although having the why, still cannot “hit the road”. They are waiting for some muse or XFactor to make them do something toward their goal.  Or, every time when we hear someone else’s […]