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Aug 3, 2021
SoftGeneral know-how on motivation: what if not having it is ok?

Know your Why” is probably the most popular quote we’ve ever heard about motivation. And for some, it does really work. Others, although having the why, still cannot “hit the road”. They are waiting for some muse or XFactor to make them do something toward their goal. 

Or, every time when we hear someone else’s success story or are listening to a super motivational keynote speaker, we get inspired and fired up. People inspire us. It’s great. When projecting it onto ourselves, we realize everything is possible. Unfortunately, many of us won’t stay in this state for long. This kind of motivation lasts for two days or a bit more. 

Then, the very next obstacle shows up as a problem of setback. It’s a kind of fading of ‘what I did’ and ‘how inspired I was’. Right afterward, emptiness comes. This emptiness is the worst thing here because it involves you in a vicious cycle. Over and over again, you’re looking for the motivation, support, or circumstance that will make you act.

Ok, what if motivation is overrated? What if we remove it from the concept of goal achieving? Like literally! But before we get into this, let’s talk a bit about motivation. So, what is it?

Motivation is a simple desire to do something. It has different intensity levels – from little interest to the compulsion to act. Simply put, it’s an emotional lift, an incentive to move forward. 

There are two types of motivation – 

  • long-term one, based on our true desires and values. Should I figure them out, my motivation won’t be situational.
  • short-term one, based on desires we take from the outside. In fact, it’s useless. We draw them from group dynamics like success stories then project them onto our personal life.

The truth is that in this modern world, where we’re overloaded with the huge flow of information from the outside, we’re used to activating the second type. When the surge of hormones bounces back and they get to a standard level, our desire to act disappears. And right after that we feel guilty and start self-reproaching. 

Ok, I get it, and what to do?

Each one of us has this essential inner motivation. Think about what you really want, what will make your life better. Reflect on what’s truly laid as a foundation of your true desires, dreams, and values. They should be well defined and noted. Let it be your true motivation, coming from the inside and working for you.

Change motivation for discipline!

The team of life coaches at SoftGeneral suggests the following: every single day do what you have to do, and by no means do not associate your actions with your emotions. One of the most amazing features of motivation is that often it occurs right after taking new steps that bring about results. 

Here’s another insight: why would you think that in order to do something you need to wait for the very moment when you’ll actually want it or feel like doing it? What if we start acting without waiting for the feeling of wanting it? The problem is not in the lack of motivation or this stimulus but in your conviction that you need it. But…if I want, I act.

If I make up my mind that this thing or event – whatever – I need it, and it’s based on my true desires, I’m not waiting for favorable obstacles. I just started acting. I define my roadmap and jump into the game. Do I feel broke, in despair, and so on? I proceed from motivation to the state when “Well, I need it!”.This very moment I don’t need motivation, I simply start doing something. 

Here’s another insight: when I get great results, this motivates me as well. In fact, my step-by-step solution:

  • I define what I truly need
  • I build my roadmap within a certain timeframe
  • I start working on something without thinking about motivation – just because I need it. I pick this attitude, whatever I feel – bad or sad, I’ll be doing it. Whatever the circumstance is, I need this right now. Later on, we’ll figure things out. 

When you’re moving forward thanks to the discipline, by taking a baby step, you’ll end up with motivation. Great results inspire and motivate. A new you, a resultful you motivate you. What’s more, you feel fulfilled and inspired. 

Yes, you can fall for these tricks from hormones, feelings, and emotions and stick to them. But when you pick this level of action, you get success. Thus, if I want more, I make a decision and make it happen. 

So, replace motivation with discipline, make a baby step every day, and you’ll see how much motivation you’ll get in life. The pivotal point here is that you’ll have the type of motivation that does not soar and then disappear, but an inner one. It’s going to be motivation from the inside. The rest is useless and redundant. 

Therefore, your understanding and attitude toward motivation should be changed.

This approach is what we apply here, at SoftGeneral, to let our team feel confident and step forward. Only during three summer months, 18% of our developers confirmed that they could initiate changes in their lives in a less stressful way. Join our team now – we are looking for candidates who think they deserve better.