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Sep 15, 2021
SoftGeneral: Improving your life’s narrative

Sometimes we all get stuck. Frustration, lack of understanding and confusion, unsuccessful experiences plague our ability to see things differently. We simply cannot figure out what to do. Consulting with friends doesn’t help. Why? Because they get into it emotionally. And we need something different. This is where life coaching comes in handy. 

Here, at SoftGeneral, we believe we can change the lives of our team members. And this is a story of how we do that.

Step 1. Understand yourself

“Now I know what exactly I want to feel and see in my life, and I’m moving in this direction.”

Meet Diana, our frontend lead. Diana wasn’t sure she wanted to pursue the same path as she didn’t feel fulfilled. So, she came to life-coaching. 

The life coach and Diana began with identifying the path she might get interested in. Traditionally, it’s a profound work here, with forming desires and preferences. Mentees need to think and analyze a lot. Specific ideas fall away, while others become more and more prominent. It’s time when mentees need to understand their own goals instead of ideas imposed by society.

The coach helps to focus on the most crucial moments by asking the right questions. This way, Diana figured out she wanted to migrate to the Tech Delivery direction and, what’s else, move from Kyiv to Lviv. 

Diana and a trainer developed a clear roadmap and defined the following steps to reach the goal. The whole thing was ‘wrapped’ into deadlines. But what makes it even more effective, they did tailor an individual planning system that worked perfectly for Diana’s lifestyle. 

As for a new position, they identified future responsibilities, which helped get ready for the interview with the owner. Thus, as a result, the transition to a new position was approved. Diana got a 2x salary increase and felt empowered for future career endeavors. “Now I know what exactly I want to feel and see in my life, and I’m moving in this direction,” said Dian during one of the sessions. 

Step 2. Focus on your primary goal

Breakthrough in any area of life is often confined to asking the right questions and seeing things from new, discovered perspectives. Thus, as mentees progress with the sessions, they look at the situation from another angle – as an outside observer. This way helps understand what sabotages reaching a goal.

Life-coaching enables the creation of the environment and people around anew. As a result, mentees find unexpected ways toward goals and change their behavior, which leads to new and better results. 

Life coaches help avoid meandering in different directions and stay focused on the primary goal. Throughout the session, mentees figure out how to solve a problem and plan the solution step-by-step by moving toward the goal every single day. 

Integral to the coaching sessions is the correction of mistakes. Errors make up an experience. By understanding what exactly plagued achieving breakthroughs, you define a better strategy and ‘hit the road’ confidently. 

Last but not least, success is all about making decisions at the right time. Life-coaching helps quickly see which way the wind is blowing and not miss the chance. This means you pay less for coaching than for missed opportunities or failed deals. 

Step 3. Save your path

When starting a business, building a team, and planning the development, you might face that you cannot fulfill everything because of the lack of time, motivation, knowledge, and a clear roadmap. 

Thus, a coach session is a dialogue designed to help clear up a complicated situation, find inner resources, and develop steps to reach a goal. The thing is that clients have half of the answers already, but they are hidden under wrong mindsets, convictions, and fear. So, the coach’s mission is to help find the solutions and inner resources and also to be supportive throughout the process by using the right questions. 

At SoftGeneral, coaches go beyond mentoring and add their expertise from business and consulting. They give techniques and knowledge contributing to the employess’ success. Join our team and become stronger; our coaches will help you reach your career and personal goals.