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Most outsourcing companies only care about whether developers can make them an extra buck. In SoftGeneral, it’s all about human-to-human. Our processes are geared towards building human connections, both internal and external.

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Coaching support

Boost your career growth with SoftGeneral

In SoftGeneral, there are motivational coaches and career advisers on board. They help with a wide range of issues related to personal and professional life. Several face-to-face monthly sessions will get you covered and help work out your career’s growth goals and ambitions. Although knowing your goals is one thing, pursuing them is totally different. Your self-development plan will be set and discussed during the regular sync-up meetings to track your professional growth. But you are also welcome to bring up any personal enhancement-related issues for discussion. In addition to that, each of our employees has a personal learning and development fund allocated to their self-development needs.

Work-life balance

Working conditions tailored to your lifestyle

The well-being of our employees is our top priority. Our coaching professionals will help you come up with a list of prerogatives as far as your personal growth is concerned. As an ambitious person, you might set up challenging life goals and pursue them all at the same time. Now, that can be a trap that you’re walking into: your life goals can’t be equally important in all aspects of your life at the same time. Get them prioritized accordingly – you’ll see how the quality of your life will change. We’re positive that balancing personal and professional activities is the way to help our employees enjoy the benefits of a quality lifestyle. We don’t do here extra shifts or late hours – unless you’re willing to do so.

Long-term stability

Get diverse expertise across various projects

You are not selected for the project. You’re the one to choose which project to work on. Create a wide area of expertise by gaining experience across various industries, such as fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. We apply the following approach – one project, one team, to avoid burnout. We know it can be devastating when you work on the same project for a prolonged period of time. Clearly, sometimes you need to bring some changes in your life. So instead of leaving a company for a different project, why not stay at the same company and ask to be reallocated for a different project? Our coaching specialists will be happy to assist with locating or relocating to a project that better fits your career endeavors.

Full-time commitment

Put your working hours to efficient use

We value your time commitment and make sure you get enough business hours per week. All our projects have a one-year duration at least, so you don’t get overwhelmed with a sudden influx of new projects every few months. All your self-development activities (coaching sessions, English lessons) are also covered during your working hours. On top of that, our dedicated teams get assigned only to specific projects – no conflicting schedules or project clashes. Our productive and efficient workflow creates a stress-free working environment: we appreciate the value of effective communication and employ handy tools like Slack. At SoftGeneral, we are also true Agile believers so most of our projects are built around this methodology.

Work from anywhere

Be a citizen of the world

SoftGeneral follows a remote-first approach, meaning you can work wherever and however you want, as long as you have internet access. So you see yourself with a laptop at the coast? That’s totally fine with us. We have a few simple rules to follow just to make sure all our employees stay in touch and engaged during the working hours, but that’s pretty much about it. Furthermore, we adjust your working hours depending on where you are so you don’t have to work during the nighttime (remember, the work-life balance thing?). As more and more people leaving their full-time desk jobs for travel purposes, we aim to keep up with the latest trends and be on the same page with all our employees.

Family Benefits

You and your dear ones are secured

Family values are of the uttermost priority to us: we support and endorse them in their manifestations. We go beyond standard compensation packages and other additional perks like extra cash for maternity leave, etc. Our message is clear: we raise awareness of early childhood development. By doing so, we invest in our own future. We promote a zero-tolerance policy against any form of abuse against pregnant women. SoftGeneral provides caps on medical and pharmacy benefits or the number of treatment cycles. Our policy includes additional holidays to help our employees deal with unexpected family issues, like going through a divorce process.

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We choose our people once, they choose us every day. We are not just a company, we are a community of developers and creators. And we’re doing it in a gender-balanced way and through the lens of our race and ethnicity representation goals. We are creating a culture of equality.